While there was general agreement that the new library hall, which had been renovated in 1812, should contain busts of “Göttingen’s Heroes” serving as role-models and inspiration for the students, the question of who should be included was not so straightforward. On-going discussions erupted, when in 1814, students bequeathed the bust of the lawyer Christian August Goede (1774-1812) and asked for it to be placed in the library. The vice-rector at the time did not deny the merits of Goede but saw his idea of a “Göttingen Pantheon” threatened should this bust be allowed:

“Gödes contributions to Göttingen and science are not as significant such that his bust would deserve a place in this row [Haller, Mayer, Kästner, Heyne]. According to general opinion, the idea of a little Göttingen Pantheon would crumble should his bust be included.”

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